How to Make Money from Instagram?

Since its inception, Instagram has magnetized millions of users. From entrepreneurs to fashion models and even doctors. Everyone has switched to this platform due to its blooming prominence and sure-fire ways to make more money.

Yes, you heard that right! These people are utilizing Instagram to up-scale their bank statements.

You might be astounded to know that these Instagram peeps are making a huge amount of bucks, just by sharing images and advocating a plethora of brands, that’s it!

Are you interested in filling your pockets by Instagramming? If you have the zeal, commitment and time then you can take home a considerable amount every month.

But here’s a twist!

Making money from Instagram needs a plethora of tactics that you need to incorporate in your blood.

If you are up with an Instagram account and are looking for money generation, then maintain the continuum and get your facts cleared by reading the further article!

I will take you on a tour of a myriad of ways that can assist you in doing so, very conveniently!

Some indispensable points that deserve your attention

  • Before having a start, you need to keep an eye on the number of followers you have. Having fake followers will take you to nowhere, and you need to start engaging a genuine audience, immediately.
  • Handpick a niche that you think is grossing and will appeal to the audience. Don’t fall prey for multifarious niches and consider sticking to just one.
  • Establish networks with some brands and showcase them your portfolio.

Let’s Get Started

A survey conducted in 2016 concluded that there are 600 Million users on Instagram. This number has blossomed so much and now in 2019 the number of users has surpassed the red line and is beyond your expectations.

How to make money from instagram - User statistics of Instagram

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For starting churning out money, you need to attract a handsome amount of followers that are interested in you and what you are bestowing.

Wait, before making money, you need to check the number of followers.

May I know how many followers do have? If it is below the ballpark, then you need to gain a humongous list of followers before you plunge in money making.

I have some sure-shot strategies that can assist you in increasing your Instagram followers at a skyrocketing pace.

Posting regularly is indispensable

It has been seen that the brands and people who post regularly have more chances of customer engagement and also their followers are more. If you are serious about thriving the number of followers, then consider posting regularly.

Relevant hashtags can make your day

Have you ever wondered why brands use hashtags while promoting their products? Hashtags are not merely to make the post look appealing, but there is a concrete reason behind them.

Prominent hashtags help the posts in becoming more viral and also these are easily searchable by the people. The more searchable you are, more and more followers you will get.

Engage the audience and respond to them

Engaging the audience means getting in touch with them and addressing their queries. Followers feel much more appreciated when you address them and it can surely help you to attract more followers.

Right bio is a not a need, it’s a necessity

Be true about yourself and fill out the quintessential bio that delivers the right image. Try to shower some hashtags and keywords in your bio to make you more locatable.

Just like the aforementioned, there are thousands of ways to fuel the fire of growing followers.

Now I’ll explain to you the whole scenario that will assist you in making money

1. Start creating sponsored posts (find more sponsors)

Are you able to engage the audience the right way and you have a considerable fleet of followers? Great, now it is the high time to find some authentic sponsors and creating sponsored posts.

A sponsored post is one of the easiest ways to bag decent money. Get in touch with some brands and showcase your portfolio.

Many brands are investing massive chunks of money into social media marketing and Instagram is on everyone’s target.

These posts will also help you in getting more brands that can be interested in partnering with you. Make sure that you are using the right way of creating sponsored posts that actually work.

2. Selling the pictures never runs out of fashion

If you have just started and you are good at photography, then why not sell the pictures? Yes, vending the pictures is quite a followed practice and people are utilizing it to generate a handsome amount of money.

Make your Instagram profile as a gallery and portray the images clicked by you while appending a watermark on them. Also, consider dangling a sale-tag to show that you are interested in selling these images.

There is a multitude of websites that you can consider selling your pictures on. These websites are:

3. How about promoting your own business?

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner who is striving hard to flourish the business? If so, then Instagram can benefit you in multiple ways.

You can sell your products directly and can navigate the audience to your website URL using robust tactics.

A number of businesses have taken their first breath on Instagram and have become a million-dollar business with passing time.

4. Want instant money? Sell your account

The easiest way to get huge money is by selling your account to someone interested. Many people are following this practice and all they have to do is creating a gigantic fan-base.

Companies are looking for accounts that have high followers and are renowned among their target audience.

You can see it as a business, create accounts, nourish them and sell them for the money you like.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting the products of different brands and getting some commission in every sale they make.

This is one of the most practiced ways people are using to generate money. It is something similar like sponsored posts, but the payout process differs a lot.

While using Instagram for affiliate marketing, you can also use the below-mentioned leads.

  • Ebates: Ebates will allow you to refer multiple people and will reward you with a decent commission.
  • ShareSale: With ShareSale, you can locate various companies and can open the doors for affiliate marketing. You need to create an account here for getting started.

You can use your Instagram account to sell affiliate products or refer people and use the above sites to generate money.

If you have a good follower base, then you can definitely utilize affiliate marketing to make good money. You simply have to share the product or the referral code with your followers and on each sale or referral, you will earn commissions.

6. Influencer Marketing means easy money

You might have heard about the grossing Amazon influencer marketing. The website is giving away money and rewards to people for promoting their products. Same is the case with Instagram.

You can earn a decent sum by becoming an influencer or advocate to enhance a brand’s sales.

Many brands are looking out for influencers who have considerable followers and an engaging fan base. Pick up a niche and polish your account with the right elements.

Once you are a renowned influencer, brands and companies will automatically approach you for their brand promotions.

7. Utilize print fulfillment technology and sell your own printed products

A small investment can become rewarding if done in the right way. In case you are not able to perform the aforementioned ways the selling your own merchandise is a great idea.

You can link the products directly to your website, or you don’t need any website as you can sell products directly through Instagram.

There are a ton of brands vending products through this picture-sharing platform.

How to make things work for you?

With time it is becoming arduous to start from scratch as there are many individuals and companies that are out there on Instagram influencing a huge populace.

Never forget taking customer testimonials, because in this virtual world of mouths there is nothing better than customer testimonials.

Also, you can buy a pre-owned account, which has extensive followers and a fan base that is engaged already.

Wrapping it up

With decent money, what you have to bear is never-ending competition. There are thousands of people out there who are using the same strategies and are looking to attract more brands.

A thing you can use to stand out is to be unique.

Portray your image as the most unique and grossing Instagrammer. Also, try to indulge in some giveaways and Instagram polls to gain more and more followers.

Lastly, you need to get an aesthetic and glamorous appeal, so that multiple brands get interested in working with you.

Just do it the right way, and see your bank balance touching the limits of the sky!

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